Leadership Transformation Sharing Forum

Leadership Transformation Sharing Forum

Leadership Transformation Sharing Forum

The “LEADERSHIP TRANFORMATION SHARING FORUM” was held on December 20, 2014 from 1pm to 7 pm at SreyDim conference hall, 4th floors, PUC South Campus. This event brought together 150 participants, including PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA Student Senate members. It was very an unforgettable moment for all PUC students and PASS members to gain some tips in order get succeed in their study and life.

This forum was presided over by Dr. Pak Thavin, Acting President of PUC, Dr. Chea Sanchanthon, PASS Founding Father, Prof. Kieng Rotana, PUC Vice President, also PASS Special Advisor, and Prof. Sombo Manara, Director of Khmer Study Center of PUC. It was also a great honor to have a respectful welcome remark of Prof. Kieng Rotana, PUC Vice President, also PASS Special Advisor. Moreover, the forum was opened by a warm opening remark of Dr. Pak Thavin, Acting President of PUC, represent of H.E. Dr. Kol Pheng, Founding Father of PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA University of Cambodia and also President of PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA University of Cambodia.

There were five speakers whom all are presidents of PASS from the first mandate. The guest speakers are Mrs. OU Sopheary, PASS 1th Mandate President, Mrs. KONG Sorita, PASS 4th Mandate President, Mr. YIM Boya, PASS 5th Mandate President, Mr. SOM Sothea, PASS 7th Mandate Preseident and Mr. HOUR Tola, PASS 8th Mandate President. The forum was discussing in two topics, which the first session was “Youth and Volunteerism” and the second session was “ Youth and Leadership”.

In the first session of public forum debate,which was the discussion on “Youth and Volunteerism”,  there were three speakers including Mrs. OU Sopheary, Mrs. KONG Sorita, and Mr. HOUR Tola. The discussion was then followed by questions made by the participants. In that occasion, Mrs. OU sopheary has shared on how and why PASS is established. PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA Student Senate (PASS) was established by eleven founders, include Mrs. OU Sopheary, in 2003 and officially approved in 2005. PASS was established just to act as a club, which students can come to discuss and learn what they are not clear in class. Unexpectedly, PASS has grown up very well and succeeded even better.

“ Youth and Leadership” discussion was given a speech by Mrs. Ou sopheary, Mr. YIM Boya, and MR. Som Sothea. In this discussion, there were many questions from the oudiences. Among those question, there is a question ask on how many styles of leader? Mr. SOM Sothea replied, “In my point of view, there are two style of leader”. He has added more that the first one is leading with emotion and the other one is leading like communist or selfishness.

The forum ended successfully with the warmly clothing remarks by Dr. Chea Sanchanthon, Chancellor of PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA University of Cambodia.  Prof. Kieng Rotana, PUC Vice President, also PASS Special Advisor was giving his honor to hand over of a letter of appreciation to PASS Boards, PASS Committee Leaders and Members.

Reported by Ms. Chroeng socheata

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