President Message

President Message

In many more ways than one, I am delighted to share with you Paññāsāstra Student Senate’s (PASS) aspirations and sterling philosophy, which basically are associated with the organization’s pride for academic excellence, leadership involvement and engagement as well as responsive and responsible governance. PASS leadership strives to create role-modeled students through hands-on campus and community outreach activities, instilling high sense of responsibility, commitment, citizenship, stewardship and accountability.

PASS adds moral value to a student’s university life. It envisages that education and morality co-exist to synergize the holistic well-being of the student, bringing about enhanced discretion rather than classroom knowledge, conquest of the inner rather than the outer self and a life of abundance rather than scarcity.

From the founding father of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC), Dr. Kol Pheng, we have culled our self and team leadership skills, greatest motivation to succeed in our academic endeavors as well as our capacities to promote excellence in all that we say, do and act. Paramount in our minds and hearts are the immortal Khmer culture and the Buddhist philosophy as our guide towards happiness and prosperity. In our search for excellence, it is critical too that we have to discover our innate greatness which gives an enriched dimension of our personality, self-efficacy, trust and confidence.

As PASS president, I inspire and challenge PUC students to have ownership of the service organization by accessing to the three PASS Committees, namely: Program Development Committee, consisting of 5 Clubs (Debate, Senior Debate, Senior Effort for Next Generation, Youth for Community Hope and Special Reading); Cultural Program Committee with   6 Clubs (Buddhism for Youth, Traditional Dance, Guitar, Singing, Khmer Literature, Recycle and Labokato); and Information Committee’s 3 Clubs (Media, Edit Video and Photoshop).

PASS is an integral part of our PUC Family, where loving kindness, compassion and care reign supreme. We are always conscious of Siddharta Gautama Buddha’s wisdom which reverberates: “If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us?” Hence, indifference begets indifference; loving kindness generates loving kindness too.

We do welcome all prospective and incoming students to our modest Office to interact with our members, Executive Officers, Board Members and Advisers. We are always at your service to address your needs and to provide your assistance. As PASS President, it is not I but WE who make things happen; it is not our wishful thinking but our bigger dreams that lead us to be innovative, transformative and trustworthy leaders of society.

Metta Dharma.

Humbly yours,



Chairman & President                                                       

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