Volunteers Recruitment

Volunteers Recruitment

PUC Debating and Public Speaking Champion 2017

Paññāsāstra Student Senate (PASS) is a student body organization. We are now recruiting 40+ volunteers organizer to conduct and run “PUC Debating and Public Speaking Champion 2017”.
Date: February 26, 2016 (Final Round)
Time: 13:00pm-18:00 PM
Objectives of the event:
To give the platform to junior debaters and public speakers mainly PUC students to disclosure their talents and potential abilities in term of critical thinking, reasoning, debating and public speaking skills, especially their English proficiency in this debate and public speaking contest.
Benefit for organizers:
• Learn a new platform and process in organizing event
• Building strong networks
• Learning how to work as a team
1. Available from mid-January to the end of February
2. Be responsible and accountable
3. Only one university enrollment is encouraged

Application Deadline: December 25, 2016

Please click here for register online!


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